7 Ways to Spice Up Your Foreplay

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Many guys call it a foreplay, but girls think that it’s not even a hint of sex. Even if you are gentle, feel like a sex-guru, your girlfriend has already learned your every movement. Predictability can excite few Ukrainian brides, but most men turn a foreplay into a routine: one kiss, a few touches and a lazy, "Take everything off." Almost every woman who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows how the sense of predictability can disappoint. Here are some ways to make a foreplay more interesting than sex itself.

1. Start before you meet. The best way to diversify the foreplay is to start it with your partner in advance. If both of you are not so liberated, try sexting, exchange intimate photos or messages in instant messengers. Start the foreplay on the way home from work. It not only strengthens the relationship but also creates the desired mood in advance. Do not forget to warn the girlfriend about your idea, otherwise, she will not understand why you are sending the erotic messages instead of answering the question about the dinner.

2. Play out the scene from the movie. Before playing out your own remake for the "Game of Thrones," try something less aggressive. Try not to strain and treat this with humor. The joint fun will bring you closer and liberate. By the way, often, it is laughter that allows actors to overcome the feeling of awkwardness during the shooting of bedroom scenes. For inspiration, you can look for the selection of sexy movies and watch it together in the evening.

3. Try role-playing games. Even if you are not a fan of role-playing games, this type of the foreplay is a good start for passionate sex. For example, you can play out a scene from the school life. So, playing the role of a teacher and a student in turns, you can show the partner what particular touches you like. Ideally, this should gently lead you to mutual masturbation, and as a result, to orgasm.

4. Try to have sex in another room. Even changing the room where you usually have sex, can significantly affect the foreplay. A kitchen, a living room or a balcony can inspire new ideas that might not have come into your mind before. If you are quite desperate, you can try to be inspired in the street. However, be ready to listen to the indignant screams of neighbors who do not rush to pass by for some reasons.

5. Try to start with a shower. Everyone should try to include water procedures in their foreplay. If you have not decided on sex in a bathtub for some reason, and it seems to you a bit dangerous, then try to caress each other under the streams of water and then move to a drier place.

6. Book a room at the hotel. If you have already tried all the places for sex in your house, then it’s high time to book a room at the hotel. It sounds a little bit vulgar, but it's what you need. This is not only a change of scenery but also a feeling that you have a short intriguing love affair instead of the long-term relationship. You can book a room in advance in order to walk proudly to the apartments, or you can go to the hotel in the evening as if it is by chance, and whisper in the presence of a hotel administrator who gives you a fisheye while you check in. In addition, you will not be distracted by different things at the hotel.

7. Enjoy the process. Usually, men are in a hurry to move to the penetration, forgetting to enjoy the moment. Try to understand that excitement is not an end of the foreplay. You should just relax and have fun, rather than perform a specific strategic task to achieve orgasm. Listen to each other, watch the reaction and do not hesitate to talk about your desires. Still, the foreplay is more about romance than about sex.



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